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Along with our selection of hand-picked tour destinations, Nepal Yatra specializes in Outbound and Inbound tours, Heli Chartered for Mt. Everest, Small Trekker's group trips, Large group outbound tours and custom travel planning for individuals, couples, families and small- Large groups. Give us a call if you'd like to learn about charter Heli, group tours & treks, and custom travel planning.

Thailand – The Land of Smiles

We Offer you regular rigid holiday packages but can also provide you customized holiday packages, where we can take you to the coolest places of Thailand. Make you experience the best street shopping deals, look out for the best Booze bar for your Breakup party, Thailand energy is incomparable and there is a saying what happens in Thailand Stays in Thailand From visa, tickets, hotels, resort, city tour, stunning what pho, massive Mahana Khon, beaches, Deepsea diving, floating market, Mua Thai Boxing, white elephants, Golden statue, bar hoping, cheap beers, and everything you could ever imagine.

Packages starting from NRs 21999/-,

DUBAI – The Land of Bizarre

The only place that Says your wish is my command. Dubai has lot to offer but we make sure we get to provide you the best of the best at your comfort. From family holidays, romantic honeymoon, Ferrari/ hummer pickup, 7 start hotels, shopping, cultural tour, sky diving, Arabian desert safari, cruise, water parks, cuisines from all around the world, sun sand and sea. Everything right on your clicks

Packages starting from NRs 34999/-,

Singapore - OKEY LAH

Pack your bag, get a ticket from us and directly land to the lion city., The only country where you can see two other country in one place, experience China and little India. From the most amazing airport tour, sky scrapper, universal studio, marina bay, night safari, adventure water park, garden by the bay, amazing local food.

Packages starting from NRs 29999/-,

Bali - Worlds Favorite Holiday Destination

The place to recharge yourself with the positive vibration, a happy place, mesmerizing scenario,  one of the best natural places in the world, a gateway to your 1st honeymoon, budget friendly place with your friends, From  striking volcanic scenery, amazing sea food dinner on the beach, beautiful island,  quad bikes,nature yoga , boys bachelorhood, girls Hens do,everything u say it.

Packages starting from NRs 24999/-,

Malaysia- Truly Asia

Malaysia is Diverse, Malaysia is harmonies, Malaysia is beautiful, World largest bloom to one of the world smallest orchid, lunch from the fresh sea, deep sea posting a letter to enjoying traffic jam, relax with no worries, Tee time or Tea time , duty free, 360/h f1 racing circuit to 20 km/h heritage circuit, street food adventure to 5 star experience, Malaysia awaits you .

Packages starting from NRs 29999/-,

Phillipines - The Land of Inchanted Island

We Offer a best holiday package in the land of world best tropical beaches , made up with 7107 island.big , small, inhabitated, tranquil, rocky , sandy, mountanery , forestry, underwater islands and one of them just for picnic, pick your island , the place where they love food and are very hospitable, where people live to eat , waiters love to sing and leave the dancing for the policemen, Its more fun in the Phillipines. From white , pink , black sand to snorkeling with whale shark, chocolate hills, party fiesta,Bay-Bay, Rapu- rapu, Jeepney.

Packages starting from NRs 39999/-,

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